Quintay has available to our friends content such as classes, papers and video tutorials of the most excellent artists and educators so you can improve your musical skills and be the musician you always wanted to be.


“… The main idea of this master class is to give the professional drummer and those who are just starting out with the drums, the tools, the concepts and the advice to develop them …”.

“…La idea central de esta master class es entregar, tanto al baterista profesional como para quien se inicia en la batería, las herramientas, conceptos y tips necesarios para poder desarrollarse…” 

– Camilo Torres Venegas


“… Take the first step and start playing the instrument that you have always liked in the place and time that best suits you. Bass players from all over Latin America are joining the online courses week by week, complementing their life and musical projects … “

“…Da el primer paso y empieza a tocar el instrumento que siempre te ha gustado en el lugar y hora que más te acomode. Bajistas de toda Latinoamérica se están uniendo semana a semana a los cursos online, complementando su vida y proyectos musicales…”

– Daniel Gazmuri

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