Igor Saavedra

Begun playing bass at 22 years old. Considered by the most prestigious critics as an ambassador of the authentic South American bass culture and one of the world’s most innovative, respected, influential & virtuoso bassists, granting him as being a “Pioneer of the 8- String Bass” (since 1999) & “One of the absolute Masters on the Extended Range Basses field”. 

Igor Saavedra is also one of the world’s pioneers on the “Solo Bass” field and actually his career is all about that field. Well known for not using any knobs or effect/volume pedals, relying only on his hands for all the sound variations. Created the Mic Ramp & The Revolutionary VST right hand technique. Has performed solo concerts and Master Classes in Germany, UK, USA, Japan, Australia, Italy, Poland, Spain, Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile & more.

Daniel Gazmuri

Chilean bassist, composer and educator, with vast international experience due to his studies in Australia, India, France, Brazil and Chile with outstanding professors such as Gerardo Dirie, Thiago Espirito Santos, Dominque di Piazza and Jorge Díaz. 

As a session musician and soloist he has worked with Louise Denson (Canada), Oscar Stagnaro (Peru) Dan Quiqley (Australia) and Felipe Candía (Chile) among other great musicians. Winner of the Music of the Root Award (SCD) in homage to Margot Loyola with the band Paloma Negra (2017) and founder of Clasesdebajoelectrico.com, a website created to promote  the Electric Bass in Latin America. Daniel is endorsed by Humboldt Electronics, DSMnoisemaker, Singular Sound, Pitbull Strings, Analysis Plus and Quintay Straps.



Ernesto is an outstanding bassist, Chilean composer and procursor of the ethnojazz music subgenre. Member of the prestigious Latin American fusion group “Congreso” between 1980 and 1984 and several personal projects. He is known as one of the most important electric bass players of jazz fusion and progressive rock of Chile, dedicated to implement the bass as a melodic instrument, as well as rhythmic in the Latin American scene.


Chilean drummer with advanced studies at the Drummers Collective in New York (1995). Considered in 2006 by the Spanish magazine “Batería Total” as one of the most outstanding educator in Latin America. For a long time, he has participated in different Drum Fest with important drummers, such as Walfredo Reyes JR, John Riley, Dom Famularo, Akira Jimbo John Blackwell, Nat Townsley, Robbie Ameen, Russ Miller and Chris Coleman. Also, he has performed Master Class in different Universities, Institutes and Music Schools.

Currently, Camilo is Endorser by Tama’s International, Sabian, Vic Firth, Evans, Latin Percussion, Wambooka, Drumker Bags, Quintay Sticks Bags and Novaris Cymbals Cleaner. He has been a columnist for different specialized websites and magazines like “Bateristas Al Sur” for 4 years. In the present, he is the author of the following books: The Art of Groove, More for Less Equal, Advice for Drummers, Paradiddles Independence I, Paradiddles Independence II.

Luciano Gonzalez

Chilean Bassist and Professor, since he was a child he showed a strong interest in music because of his family environment, a place where music was always present. At the age of 9 he began to study Violin at the House of Culture of Limache, where he participated in the Youth Orchestra of Limache and had his first concerts.

When he was 13, he left the violin for the Bass and began studying as a self-taught student. At age 16, he began studying at the “Escuela Superior de Jazz” with Christian Gálvez. Currently he has just recorded his first solo album with Vicente González (Guitarist) Oscar Pizarro (Pianist) and Sebastián Aspe (Drummer). Until today he is a soloist and sideman for projects linked to Jazz and has participated in different festivals inside and outside the country. These include the Recoleta International Jazz Festival (Chile), Lebu International Jazz Festival (Chile), Seoul Music Week (Korea), Jazztonic Festival (Korea), Meet in Beijing (China).

Rodrigo Hurtado

Live & Studio Session Guitarist, Producer and Musical Director. Rodrigo has a great experience both in the national and international scene. He has worked with great national and international artists, like Myriam Hernández, Augusto Schuster, Supernova, Nicole, Consuelo Schuster, Ariztía, Luis Jara, Andrés De León, Denisse Malebrán, Sergio Lagos, Dan Warner, Lee Levin, Aaron Sterling, Justin Stanley, Ricky Lawson, The Voice Chile, El Baile (TVN), Circo De Las Estrellas TVN, among others.

nicolás pozo

Chilean Session Musician, Drummer and Professor. Since he was a child, he was involved in music, because his father was the Instrumental Choir Director at the Church where his whole Family attended. At the age of 8 begins his love for drums where he began playing at the choir directed by his father. He studied with different drummers, among them the excellent Andy Baeza, Cristóbal Orozco, Gonzalo Muga and Rodrigo Gálvez.

He has stood out for his versatility as an artist since he knows how to play Pop, Funk, Soul, Rock & Roll, Swing and Blues styles. He is currently part of the teachers staff at “Audiomusica” Music School and has collaborated with: Sax Gordon (EEUU), Aki Kumar (EEUU/India), JJ Jackson (EEUU), Igor Prado (Brazil) , Martin Fetzer (Germany), Johnny Burgin (EEUU), Luca Giordano (Italy) , Quique Gómez and Pablo Sanpa (Spain) , Sergio Duarte (Brazil) , Xime Monzón (Argentina) , Martín and Alberto Búrguez (Uruguay / Argentina). He is currently part of the band for the outstanding guitarist Ángel Parra, under the name of “Ángel Parra & Los Retornados” (presenting his EP “Agua Bendita” at Lollapalooza 2019).

Francisco Borja

Bassist, Composer and Chilean Professor. Mainly popular among the Spanish-speaking public through his YouTube channel “bassborja”, which, to date, has more than 4,200,000 visits.

In addition, he has led the progressive rock trio Opus 3 for almost two decades, as a bassist and sole composer, achieving different recognitions. His band has been published and distributed in Europe by the French label Musea Records, and has participated in the International Festival “Lima Prog Fest II” held in Peru, being one of the leading bands of the Chilean Progressive Rock movement.

Currently, Francisco teaches different students around the world through Skype lessons, besides being the author of the book “60 Technical Studies in Fingerstyle” and current Endorser of Darkglass Electronics, Neural DSP, Quintay Straps, The Cotro Store and Inostroza Cables.

Felipe Leyton

Chilean Composer and Bassist, with more than 15 years of experience. Bachelor of Music from the Metropolitan University of Education Sciences (UMCE). He has worked in studio and live with different bands and soloists such as Gonzalo Sanhueza, Claudio Cordero, Zydra, Mr. Hyde, Inquisición, Angeluz, Emilio Miranda and La Panamericana, Leo Badinella, Prisma X, Nolana, Carolina Molina “La Rancherita”, Patricio Garcés (Rojo TVN), Juan Gabriel Valenzuela (Factor X TVN). He was also part of the Melodhy Productions Orchestra, where in addition to managing a repertoire of varied styles, he served as the Musical Director.

In addition to Quintay Straps, he’s also being sponsored by top international brands such as Spector Basses, Schroeder Cabinets, Darkglass Electronics, Guitar Paint Workshop and The Cotro Store.

He is currently promoting his first solo work called “Confusion”. where he explores styles such as Funk and Jazz, as well as being accompanied by artists such as Gonzalo Sanhueza and Claudio Cordero.


Andy Irvine is musician, author, and educator. His journey began in 1982 when he was given a bass guitar for his 12th birthday. From that moment forward Andy was filled with a passion and insatiable appetite for all music things, which has shaped the direction of his entire life. His devotion to his craft of the bass guitar, and sharing that love with others has established him as a leading musicianship coach. Which has made him travel to 27 countries to share his musical concepts.

In the present Andy is a full time bassist for top Colorado blues/soul act The Johnny O Band and he has published more than 2000 bass lesson and instrument demonstration videos on his own YouTube page and hundreds of other videos in direct association with various instrument and gear brands.

At the same time, Andy has 4 album releases of completely original material, 3 educational DVD’s and his own book “Passion and Action a Musician’s Journey” which has garnered exceptional reviews worldwide. 

In 2016 Andy launched Andy’s World Of Bass and The Daily Funk Club websites and social media community. They are free donation driven websites for all bassists to learn from his lesson videos, read interviews with renown bassists and builders, and check out a wide variety of instrument, amp and gear demonstration videos.


Professional bassist with an interpreter in Jazz and Popular Music at Projazz Professional Institute, being recognized for being a prominent student in said institution. Since he was young, he has participated in different National Jazz festivals, as in the International Jazz Day, Chile-Europe Jazz Festival, Jazz and Wine in the Italy neighborhood, among others.

He has currently shared the stage with Joaquín Murieta (Chile), The Big Guns De Santiago (Chile), Carl Hammond Septeto (Chile), La Chile Big Band (Chile), El Atelier de Magda (Chile), Magdalena Mendoza (Chile), Musicantes Collective (Chile), Los Andes Big Band (Chile), Carl Hammond (USA), Janek Gwizdala (UK), Oscar Stagnaro (Peru), Utah Hamrick (USA) and Russell Haight (USA), among others.

His area of expertise has allowed him to develop as a private professor of electric bass, also holding the position of academic director at the Art Academy: “Nysa Arts” in Santiago de Chile. He is currently an active musician in the Matahari, Sinusoide and Joaquín Murieta Banda bands. In the present, he is Endorser of Pitbull Strings and Quintay Straps.

Sebastián Arriagada

Chilean Guitarist, Composer, Arranger and Teacher. He began playing at age 13 and just few years later joined numerous talent contests, winning for three years in a row the first place at “Sólo Para Bravos”, famous music interpretation contest held by the Escuela Moderna de Música.

At 19, Sebastian is already working on the musical production of his first solo album “Decisiones”, an album with influences of Rock Fusion. He has been a member of the Chilean bands Coyote, Mandracula and a Jimi Hendrix tribute band. At the same time, he has worked as a session guitarist for Daniela Amaya, Daniela Castillo, Pía Carpanetti, Daniel Chiang, La boogie, Andy Timmons, Paul Gilbert, Luca Giordano, Nathaniel Towsley, Valí Cáceres, among others.

Currently Sebastián is preparing the release of the live blues record “Live at the Grez”. In parallel he is working on his second solo Fusion album under the name of “ADN” where he will be including instrumental songs and others sung by him, while continuing his work as an educator, been selected in more than one occasion to direct a Guitar Master Class in different regions of Chile. Currently he’s being endorsed by the brands “TOKAI”, “DanessesT Rex” and “Quintay Straps”.


Chilean composer and bassist. Currently based in Berlin, Germany. He has been part of prestigious rock and heavy metal bands, at the same time he has carried out a unique and innovative solo work in the electric bass, making versions of classical, folk, popular music and own compositions for the instrument.

Through these two paths, he has recorded 15 albums and 3 live DVDs, made extensive tours in Chile and Europe with an average of 120 presentations a year, played with symphony orchestras. He has also been a finalist and winner of the Chilean Music Pulsar Awards, where he stands out in the category “Instrumentalist of the Year” . In the past, he was an evaluator of the Music Funds, an instance carried out by the Chilean Ministry of Culture.

Mauricio is recognized for his constant training as a motivator for emerging artists by sharing experiences and advice with them through workshops, talks, masterclass and online content in order to enhance those new talents of today’s music. Standing out among his talks, his TEDx talk about: “A New Facet in the Electric Bass.

tomas brunetti

Chilean Professional Bassist and Professor. Graduated from the Superior School of Jazz as “Superior Interpreter in Jazz and Electric Bass”. He begins being curious about music at age 14, which led him to acquire his first Electric Bass. Influenced by the sounds of Rock, Funk and Jazz, he decides to study improvisation, Electric Bass and Double Bass with different masters of the national scene as: Miguel Pérez, Jorge Díaz, Christian Galvez, among others.

He is currently part of the teachers staff at “Audiomusica” Music School and member of the iconic Chilean Jazz Band: “Ángel Parra Trio”. He is also a member of “Ángel Parra y Los Retornados”, a Blues and Rock group led by the outstanding musician Ángel Parra, with which he has been in important stages such as Lollapalooza and Cosquin Rock. Other prominent groups where he has participated are: Jazzantiago, JM and The Red Rockers, Pistonic, Andrea Gutierrez Quinteto, The Blues Swingers, Vale Moi, Diego Farias Cuarteto, among others.

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